Cashback: The Definitive Guide

How I Made $711 by Buying Things Online.

Cashback sites will revolutionise the way you shop

Tom Ford
4 min readMay 25, 2020


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The Discovery

I first discovered a cashback site back in 2018. As a student, I was intrigued; every penny counts. I started using the site for all of my online purchases, including insurance, eBay purchases and train tickets.

2 years later, I have made £585 ($711), simply by buying things online. Here’s how you can do the same.

Credit: The author’s cashback account

What is a Cashback Site?

A cashback site, at its simplest, is a collection of web links to various online shops.

When you use these links to arrive at an online shop and make a purchase, you get cashback credited to your cashback account.

Different online shops offer different cashback rates. For example, clothing stores often pay a high percentage of your purchase as cashback (sometimes as high as 50%). Amazon and eBay pay much less (usually 1–10%). Financial products like insurance or savings accounts often pay out a large single cash sum, often…



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